Retreat into Karuna Boracay—your exclusive sanctuary within this island haven.

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Welcome to Karuna!

Our name takes inspiration from the Sanskrit word for compassion, which causes the hearts of the good to shelter the distressed. In Buddhism, one must dwell in karuna to achieve enlightenment.

Karuna lends the vision behind Karuna Boracay: it is a personal oasis where rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit can be attained.

‘Karun Na,’ means ‘Right Now!’ Paying homage to its Visayan roots, Karuna Boracay borrows the local expression ‘Karun Na,’ to play a role behind its name.

A distinctive Philippine-Visayan phrase, ‘Karun Na’ means ‘Right Now’ and, like its English equivalent, is an optimistic rejoinder. It is an apt expression for what our name represents: live life fully, beautifully at Karuna Boracay—karun na!

Live in the Now! Karuna Boracay presents an extrasensory island living experience, where you can envelop yourself in luxurious modern sophistication amidst rustic ideals.

Awaken as day breaks and let the mild sea breeze lift your spirits. With Boracay’s world-famous Bulabog Kiteboarding Beach mere minutes away, dive towards the exhilarating outdoors and give in to the magic of living in Boracay: plunge into its crystal-clear waters, capture your longest kiteboarding time, or simply enjoy meandering walks on its pristine white beaches as the sun sets.

And, after a refreshing day out in the sun, sea, and sand, retreat into Karuna Boracay—your exclusive sanctuary within this island haven.


The First Green Building in Boracay

Located in an environmentally-protected enclave, Karuna Boracay is master-planned to be a pioneering green building on the island, creating sustainable design and construction solutions that will drive ecological and resource efficiency. This spells lots of benefits, such as helping reduce the negative impact of natural resource consumption, enhancing comfort and health, and improving the overall quality of life.

Certified by PGBI’s GREEEN rating, Karuna Boracay is the pioneering apartment-resort of which complied with their standards. Property development, materials selection, and building methods were followed as a prerequisite while the property was being built. Sustainability in terms of livable conditions and structural resilience follows after construction; long-term value is created with minimal expense on the environment.

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Enjoy living where others make vacation, while generating income when you are not around.

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